How many live on autopilot?

I was reading a book yesterday that I was given on my birthday a couple of weeks back and as I was reading, I read one line and that’s where the inspiration for today’s post comes from.

There’s a line in Ant Middelton’s ‘Zero Negativity’ which is talking about living life on autopilot and not pushing ourselves to the levels that we should.

I can’t quite work out why just yet but after reading that line and going about my day, I couldn’t get the question in the title of this post out of my head. How many of us live on autopilot? Potentially because it hit home slightly and because it’s a question that carries an awful lot of truth.

For me, I believe there are a lot of people that are living life on autopilot and are simply just going through the motions. Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

When you want something more from life, something more than the normal everyone seems to have, something more than what we’re told we should aim for, that next level in life, autopilot simply can’t be an option in your hardware.

Now, it’s easier said than done and I’ll happily admit that I’m guilty of falling into autopilot mode myself but that next level isn’t achieved by only living at 20% or 30% of what you’re truly capable of.

I think most live on autopilot simply because it is easy. As humans, we’ve evolved to always find the path of least resistance because it makes life easier. It’s why we’ve invented so many things, simply because they make our lives easier. Going through the motions means that you don’t have to apply much brain power to the things you’re doing each day because you’ve probably done them thousands of times before. We naturally fall back into the same routines because they’re comfortable.

Recognising that you’re coasting is half of the battle in my eyes. The majority of people will coast through life on autopilot and in a blink of an eye they’re close to retirement and they realise they haven’t done anything with their life. Don’t be one of those people.

If you’re sat there now reading this and you have ambitions for the bigger and better things in life, then the autopilot part of you needs to be removed. You have to remove yourself from that comfy little circle you’re sat in and push yourself to get out of it. At first, it will be absolutely awful and more than likely you’ll end up questioning yourself but the results are worth it.

As humans, we’re capable of far more than we could ever imagine but that only happens when we consciously make the decision to do more.

Living life on autopilot is a waste of time, and in this thing called life we don’t get all that much time. If life was infinite then yeah autopilot wouldn't be all that bad but everyone has got a ticking clock, we don’t know when our time on this planet will be up so push for more, strive for more and make your life what it should be.

Don’t live your life on autopilot. Take control and strive for better.



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