Most talk. Few, do.

I’ve gotten quite good at recognising patterns and recurring themes in conversations this year. I’ve worked a lot on my listening skills and I’m slowly noticing the benefits of it.

I’ve had quite a few conversations over the last week or so and I’ve noticed that there’s been a similar theme in all of them.

Most people talk, few people actually do.

We all know what I’m talking about. There’s a distinct difference between those who talk about doing something and those who back it up with the action required to do said thing.

People like to talk, talking is great. It makes us feel good about ourselves because for the most part, we can big ourselves up to someone else about all these things we’re going to do because that person is too polite and will never call us out for not following through with it.

Most people don’t realise though that actually following through on saying you’ll do something provides a feeling 100 times better than the feeling you get from just talking about it.

Actions over words should always be the approach you take.

You’ll also come across people in life who try to talk down your achievements or try and drag you down in any way they can because you’ve simply done what they are unable to do. You’ve taken that step outside of your comfort zone. People like that should simply just be ignored. When you are trying to improve your own life, people will always drag you back down to their level, pay it no attention.

Always remember that most people talk and few people actually do. It may feel daunting at first but it takes a certain kind of person to put words into action. Be that person.

Stop talking about the business you’re going to start or the new sport you want to start, the book you’re going to write, the club you’re going to join. Stop talking and start doing.

See you next week.

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